Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Nor’easter Preparedness

Posted on: Sep 18, 2017

In the event of a hurricane, tropical storm or strong noreaster, you are asked to prepare yourselves and your houses to minimize the danger and damage that might occur. Your safety is our main concern, please follow the guidelines below:  

  • Watch the forecast over the next few days and be aware of the path the storm may take
  • Stack and take in loose plastic chairs/items around the yards and on your decks. With strong winds, loose items can become projectiles
  • Things can be stacked and put in the outdoor showers if you have one; secure the fastener on the shower 
  • Carefully turn over any outdoor tables so the legs are in the air, especially glass tables
  • Keep the exterior of glass sliding doors free of nearby loose items
  • Remove patio umbrellas from tables and bring inside
  • Brace the grill against the least exposed corner of the house or once again in the outdoor shower; turn off grill propane tanks
  • Remove window AC units
  • Gather your trash cans & secure the lids. If possible, bring them in the garage.
  • With the potential for power outages – get some flashlights/batteries – no candles please; should power go out, keep refrigerators closed to maintain cool temperature
  • Be careful driving or don’t drive unless absolutely necessary
  • Do not go swimming – high surf and rip currents are likely
  • Let us know if there is serious damage on your house as the storm progresses
  • Charge your cell phones ahead of time
  • In an emergency, call 911 and then our office: 401.783.1155 x #