Academic Move-In

Here’s hoping you had a refreshing summer and enjoyed some  time at the beach.  It’s almost time to welcome your student renters and we would like to share some points to help with a smooth transition and a successful academic year.

Semester and September payments (if a student is on loans) are coming in and are being forwarded to you all month.  Please note, we will not allow a tenant to move into your home if they have not paid the appropriate amount.  Utilities are also being set up at this time.

Move-In Date/Times

For those who have not filled out the move-in day/time form, you must do so now.  Families need to make plans, especially for the holiday weekend and anticipated traffic.  If possible, a Saturday or Sunday move-in would be helpful to reduce travel on Labor Day.  Generally, students are set to move in on Monday, Labor Day. Please fill in this form and make sure to hit submit at the end:  Student Move-In Day/Time Form

House Prep

A house given to a student in good condition, comes back to a homeowner in good condition.  With that in mind, we ask you to provide/do the following…

Living Areas
Fuels and Utilities

We know this is a great deal of information and we are here to help you with the transition if needed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.